The Philippines, Pilipinas, or “Pinas” (our lovingly short nickname), is a multi-faceted culture. A fusion of native, Spanish, Malay, East Asian and American, the history of trading ports and colonialism produced familiar, yet somehow unique flavors of the archipelago. A taste transformed and transferred from provinces, islands, and eventually to newly adopted countries is part of our identity.


is the greeting you receive when you see someone you love. It transcends the direct translation of “have you eaten yet?” as it means both “hello” and “I love you, so eat.” The sharing of food is an expression of love, ensuring you’re being nourished both physically and emotionally. You feel this love with the family you’re born into and the loved ones who become family, because there is always room for more in a Filipino family. Whether it’s room for more love or more food, meals are always better when they are shared.

Today our kitchen is slowly expanding, but most importantly it’s making its way from our hearts to yours. In our families, one’s prowess in the kitchen was enviable, and food was always held up on a pedestal. We work hard to produce the food we love, using a combination of local ingredients and the flavors that are reminiscent of our motherland.

We welcome you into our family, to experience the culture, values, history, and love, through the food we share with you. “Kain na tayo!” Let’s eat!

Our Story

Like many other food stories, our journey began in the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers. It’s a story of emigrating to new countries, learning new languages, and adapting recipes using new ingredients.

Our Journey

Events Update | 7/23/19

Hey ya’ll! In case you’re wondering when our next events are, here you go! 7/23 Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market 8/2 Vancouver Night Market 8/6 Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market 8/17 Beaverton Night Market 8/20 Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market

Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with Cookbooks

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